An Eyelash Lift, lifts your lashes from the root…the result?  Eyes appear brighter and lashes appear longer.

Similar to a traditional eyelash perm, an eyelash lift uses a slightly curved silicone pad instead of a rod to shape the lashes.  A perm also curls the lashes at the halfway mark of the lashes while the lift perms the lashes at the root in order to achieve the lift effect.

Ten Steps of an Eyelash Lift

Step 1:  Your lashes are cleansed and analyzed in preparation for the service.

Step 2:  A small, medium or large silicone pad will be chosen. Depending on the length of your natural lashes and the degree of lift that is desired, you technician will choose the right pad for you.  The smaller the pad the more extreme the lift.

Step 3:  Your bottom lashes will be covered and protected with an under eye pad. This is important to stop the solutions from getting into the bottom lashes.

Step 4: The silicone pad will be adhered to your upper lid to provide a curved surface for your eyelashes

Step 5: Using a soluble adhesive, your lashes will be brushed upward on top of the silicone pad

Step 6: Once adhered, the solution #1 will be added and to your lashes and allowed to sit on your eyelashes for a few minutes and then removed.

Step 7: Solution #2 will then be applied to your lashes and allowed to sit for a few minutes and then removed

Step 8: Once the solutions are removed, an tint can be applied.  This step really allows the lashes to pop with more intensity and definition

Step 9: A conditioner is the last step.  Once the tint is removed the conditioner is applied to nourish the lashes with proteins and vitamins.



“How do I care for my eyelash lift?”
We recommend keeping your lashes dry for the first 24 hours after getting an eyelash lift and following the same aftercare instructions as eyelash extensions.
After the first 24 hours, you’re good to go.  There isn’t any real maintenance involved after this point. You can still wear mascara, get them wet and use oil based products.