Best Eyelash Extensions in Toronto

As you search for the best eyelash extensions in Toronto we’d like to bring something to your attention. Several lash techs and lash salons state that they’re “The Best”,  “The Premier Destination”, “The Leader” and so on and so on….

How can everyone be the best, what does being ‘The Best’ even mean, and does simply saying you’re the best actually make you the best?…..Of course not!

So where does this leave you on your quest? Let’s start by making one small change to your search from ‘ the best eyelash extensions in Toronto’ to ‘the best eyelash extensions in Toronto FOR ME’. One size doesn’t fit all and that’s why we now invite you to consider the following.


By putting ‘Toronto’ in your search, we know that location is important to you. But Toronto’s a pretty big city so here a few factors to keep in mind. Do you prefer a downtown location or a suburb? And how easy is it for you to get there?

If traveling by transit: Is it close to the subway? Are streetcar / bus stops close by? Is it downtown or in a suburb?

Traveling by Car: Is there parking available that’s either free or paid? Is there a time limit on street parking?

The above areas need to be considered due to the cost added to your service as well as time spent en route to your destination.



Independent Eyelash Technician or Lash Salon?

There is a lot of talent out there and both can be found in the lash salon and by independent lash techs. If you choose to go to an independent lash tech, keep in mind that they may be a one person show and not always easy to get a hold of. Oftentimes, they don’t have someone to handle inquiries and provide general customer service assistance, this can make it a real challenge to schedule and make adjustments to appointments.

The choice of a salon usually means you can choose from several technicians.  More technicians means more appointment choices and flexibility for those instances requiring last minute appointment adjustments.



What’s your preference? Do you like like chatting with your technician or do you look forward to your lash appointment for some time to relax and sometimes catch a quick ‘lash nap’?

Best Eyelash Extensions Toronto



Not all lash salons have the same vibe, nor should they. You should find a salon that has the environment that fits you.

Maybe you’ll  have the best experience in a quiet spa like salon with the sounds of waterfalls and birds tweeting filling the air. Or perhaps you’re most comfortable in a lively salon with top 40 hits, electronic tunes or

Private rooms, semi private stations or an open concepts are all popular layouts that will affect your experience.  Do you like complete one on one conversation or would you enjoy chatting openly and sometimes hearing the conversations of others?



As eyelash extensions only increase in popularity and the mere number of lash techs out there increase as well, you can choose a technician that has the skill level, expertise and temperament that’s right for you.  Do your care about the health of your eyelashes or are you willing to do whatever it takes to get a desired result? Some lash technicians practice responsible lashing and will say ‘No’ to client requests if deemed harmful, other techs on the other hand will do whatever their client asks even if it will do harm. Do you want a professionals opinion, or do you want what you want? The end.

Is your technician certified? And was their certification earned or given? This is a really important area that you can learn more about here.

How much experience does your technician have?

Are they comfortable working with all different types of natural lashes from the super curly to the super straight?

Is your technician knowledgeable in different techniques (classic lashes, Russian Volume lashes, hybrid lashes)  and styling (cat eye, open eye, natural and their variations)?




Whats your budget for lashes?  This important point directly ties into finding the best eyelash extensions in Toronto for you.  Businesses have overhead and a set cost associated with providing services. Beautiful spaces in high end parts of the city naturally cost more to operate, so you can expect to pay a premium for the experience.  Food for thought – generally, if the price for a full set is on the lower side, the only choice for the tech/establishment to profit is to serve a higher volume of clients – this may result in rushing, shorter appointments and less time for consultations and discussions with your tech. Only you can decide what you value.

Consider these areas to decide what the Best Eyelash Extensions in Toronto will be for you!

At Winks Boutique, we strive to provide the very best eyelash extensions in Toronto.  Our two locations are close to transit, subways and parking. We have several talented and highly experienced eyelash technicians who are knowledgeable, ethical and friendly. Our technicians have proudly earned their certifications and confidently provide Classic and Russian Volume extensions with precision and passion in our Open Concept boutiques.

We’ve been in love with lashes since 2009.  We try to be the best and that’s why we guarantee our work!

Does Winks Boutique provide the best eyelash extensions in Toronto?

We try our very best to,..We want to and we hope to.