How many lashes are in a full set | by Winks Boutique

The truth about unlimited lash sets

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an industry standard on how many lashes were in a full set of extensions? If you get extensions or you’re thinking about it, you’ve surely seen the following terms:

  • Unlimited Lashes

  • Full Set

  • Partial Set

  • Half Set

  • Lashes per eye (lash count)

…and I’m sure there are more variations of the above.  So, what does it all mean any way? and what should you expect in your set?

Putting things into perspective

Eye Size

Eyes come in various shapes and sizes.  We’ve got large, small and medium sizes as well as deep set, wide set, hooded eyes, protruding eyes and a mix of all listed. 50 lashes applied to small eyes will look more plentiful than 50 lashes applied to large eyes.

Quantity of Natural Lashes

On average, humans have 90 to 150 eyelashes on the upper lid and 70 to 80 eyelashes on the bottom lash line. But as with everything, we’re not all average and you will always find the exceptions. Some people having as few as 50 lashes and some with 200 plus on their upper lid. Needless to say, the quantity of natural lashes you have can play significant role in the final result of your set.

We’re now going to break things down even to further, to help minimize any grey area.


On average it takes about an hour to apply 50 lashes per eye. If you only have 5o lashes per eye, then that would be a full set for you….Agreed?  If not, please keep reading.

50 lashes = 1 hour

100 lashes = 2 hours

150 lashes = 2.5 hours

How many lashes are in a full set of extensions?

We’ve looked at eye size, quantity of eyelashes and time.  Now, we’ll move on to the ‘SETS’ and what you can expect.

Unlimited Lashes

If unlimited means the quantity of lashes that can be applied in a set period of time, then for appointments booked in one hour increments, you can expect around 50 lashes per eye per hour.

If unlimited means every lash, then you should expect almost every natural lash to be extended,  so an unlimited set can take 2 hours or more

Partial Sets

Partial sets can sound a bit vague… big a part, half, quarter?  As previously suggested, you should always look to the time allotted for the appointment to determine how many lashes you can expect.

Lashes per eye (lash count)

Counting lashes is a method used to provide clarity. You’ll know exactly what they’re getting and what to expect.

50 lashes per eye can be considered a full set for some and only be a partial set for others. A skilled eyelash technician should be able look at your natural lashes and then determine what a full set is FOR YOU.

What we do at Winks Boutique

Since 2008, we’ve tried several methods and settled on counting Lashes Per Eye. Counting is easy to understand and execute.

When we were offering ‘full sets’, 2 friends would schedule lash appointments together for the same set, and would end up with 2 very different results.  Based mainly on the fact that they didn’t have the same amount of lashes, things would sometimes get a tad bit uncomfortable as we tried to explain that they had to pay the same price even though they didn’t get the same amount of extensions applied.

Counting lashes per eye is clearly displayed on our service menu and in our lookbook . It’s our way to bringing transparency to our clients, who regularly voice their appreciation.

I hope this was helpful in your gaining a better understanding the world of lashes.

We’re more than happy to answer any more questions you might have.

Happy Lashing!