Preparing for Your Eyelash Extensions Appointment at Winks Eyelash Boutique

Welcome to the Winks family! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen Winks Eyelash Boutique for your eyelash extensions. To ensure you get the best results from your lash session, here’s an in-depth guide to prepping:

  • Skip the Curler:

    Please avoid using eyelash curlers a few days before your session. Curled lashes might complicate the application.

  • No Waterproof Mascara:

    Refrain from wearing waterproof mascara for at least 3 days prior. Residues from such products can hinder effective bonding.

  • Beware of Oily Products:

    Oil-based products around the eyes can interfere with the adhesive. Pause these products a few days before your appointment.

  • Stay Clear of Caffeine:

    Try reducing your caffeine intake on the day of your session. This helps prevent any involuntary eye movements.

  • Plan Your Day:

    The lashing process can span 1-3 hours. Ensure you have ample time, and perhaps bring headphones for relaxation.

  • Voice Your Vision:

    If you have specific lash styles in mind, bring photos for reference. It helps our technicians bring your vision to life.

  • Tanning Guidelines:

    Feel free to tan before your session but avoid tanning beds or sprays for 24 hours after.

  • Coordinate Beauty Activities:

    Schedule other treatments like hair sessions, facials, Botox, or spa visits before your lash day. Activities that involve heat or moisture post-lashing can impact the adhesive.

  • Aftercare Tip:

    Keep your fresh extensions dry for the first 24 hours. This means avoiding steamy showers, saunas, and sweaty workouts.

  • Got Allergies? Let us know:

    If you have skin sensitivities or known allergies, consider requesting a patch test before the full set.

  • Contact Lenses and Makeup:

    We provide solutions for your lenses. If wearing makeup, please come a tad early for proper removal, ensuring maximum time for your lash application.

  • Engage Later:

    Take care of phone calls before your session or plan them afterward. We want this time to be a serene retreat for you.

  • Relax & Recline:

    Many clients find the lashing process so relaxing they catch a quick nap. Come ready to unwind!

For those looking to visualize their transformation, dive into our lookbook to explore various lash styles and get inspired.