Bent Eyeliner Brush

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Ace your liner game with our Bent Eyeliner Brush! Designed for effortless precision, this ergonomic tool glides above eyelash extensions and lifted lashes with ease. Its unique bent neck allows for comfortable, controlled application, saving time and boosting confidence. Bid farewell to uneven lines and embrace pro-level results.



  1. Bent neck design: The unique bent neck offers precise control and easy access above eyelash extensions and lifted lashes.
  2. Ergonomic grip: The comfortable handle ensures steady and accurate application for flawless eyeliner results.
  3. Versatile use: Ideal for use with a variety of eyeliner formulas, including gel, liquid, and cream products.
  4. Precision application: The brush’s design enables the creation of sharp, even lines for professional-looking eyeliner every time.
  5. Suitable for all skill levels: The user-friendly brush caters to makeup enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros.


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