How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last | Winks Boutique

At Winks Boutique, one of the main questions we’re asked is “How long do eyelash extensions last?” and the answer lies in three key areas – mother nature, the application and the aftercare.

It’s Natural

As with all hair, eyelashes will naturally shed as part of a cycle.  The life cycle for eyelashes is around 90 days, so it’s completely normal to shed upwards of 5 lashes a day. Your eyelash extensions will fall out with your naturally shedding lashes, so the life of your eyelash extensions will greatly depend on how many extensions were applied – Re-fills are suggested every two to 3 weeks to replace shed as a means to keep your set of lashes looking their best.

Correct application

Eyelash extensions must be securely attached to the natural lash if it is to stand the test of time.  incorrectly applied extensions, can lift off and separate from the natural lash and shed. This type of shedding is clearly due to the application technique.  How the lash is applied brings us to our next point below….the adhesive


The bonding life of the adhesive used, plays a very important role in how long eyelash extensions last.  There are several eyelash glues on the market to meet the myriad needs of clients and preferences of technicians.  Some sensitive adhesives only have a bonding life of 2 weeks, while some glues with a strong hold lasting 8 weeks could not be tolerated for a client with sensitive eyes. When the extension is applied correctly, it can last as long as the adhesive maintains the ability to stay bonded to the natural lash.

Eyelash Aftercare

Caring for your lashes after the application can make all the difference in how long eyelash extensions last. And showing your lashes some tender loving can can help their longevity. Products that contain oils need to be kept away from you lashes. Oils are an enemy of eyelash extensions. Oils weaken the bond of the eyelash extensions to the natural lash, resulting with premature lifting and shedding

Although we can’t control what we do when we sleep, we can try to take steps to not harm our lashes while we slumber.  Sleeping on you back so as to not crush your lashes seems like a good idea, in theory, but most of us turn and change positions while  sleeping.  A way to lessen the harm that can result from moving in your sleep is to use a silk satin pillowcase.  The slippery fabric will provide your lashes with a smooth surface for contact and will minimize friction and tugging that can occur with other materials such as cotton.  An added bonus to silk/satin pillowcases is how great they are for your skin. Say goodbye to sleep creases in skin and hello to hydrated soothness

Try your best to keep your hands off your lashes and don’t rub your eyes or tug at your lashes. Not only can you irritate your eyes, but excessive touching including improper brushing can result in the pulling out of your natural eyelashes.

So, how long do eyelash extensions last if you follow our tips and instructions? Keeping natural shedding in mind and with proper application and care, they should last as long as the adhesive keeps its bonding power.