Mascara for eyelash extensions

We hear you…even with beautifully extended lashes, you still want mascara for eyelash extensions.  Its funny, one of the main reasons why we get eyelash extensions is to  no longer feel the need to wear mascara.  But alas, we understand that there are some really die hard mascara lovers who just cant seem to give up the habit 😉

mascara for eyelash extensionsHere’s the deal…Mascara is really not ideal for wearers of eyelash extensions. Why? it can buildup on the lash line, clump lashes together, cause unnecessary tugging on the lashes during application and if not removed properly, wreak havoc on your extensions. In lash care 101, to enjoy longer lasting extensions that look their best its important to keep your lashes clean, free of buildup and debris with regular brushing…using mascara can make good lash care a challenge.

Although not frequently advised by most lash techs, there are a few cirumstances when using a little mascara is a good idea.

Blending: If you’re opting to allow your set of eyelash extensions to grow out and shed naturally and forgo coming in for a removal, mascara can help blend your extensions with your natural lashes – making any sparseness less noticeable.

Appearance of volume: If you have a set of eyelash extensions with a more natural appearance and you need to temporarily add some volume and density. A couple coats of mascara can be a quick fix if you’re unable to get more extensions applies.

How to: mascara for eyelash extensions:

Only use washable mascara (water soluble) and stay away from the waterproof variety, as you would need to use an oil based remover which is a big no no for eyelash extensions.

Only apply mascara to the top half and/or tip of the lashes and do not get mascara at the base of your lashes

Carefully and thoroughly cleanse all traces mascara from eyelashes. Use an oil free makeup remover or better yet an eyelash cleanser for best results .