Preparing for Your Lash Lift Appointment

lash lift before and after
lash lift before and after


Today we had an interesting call from a new lash lift client who had a great question before her appointment: “Is it okay to come in wearing makeup?” It’s a query many of our clients have, so we thought it would be helpful to address it here in our blog.

To Wear or Not to Wear Makeup?

When our client called, she asked specifically if she could come in wearing makeup. My immediate follow-up question was about the type of mascara she was using. Waterproof mascara is a no-go for lash lifts, as it’s notoriously difficult to remove and can interfere with the treatment process. Fortunately, she wasn’t using waterproof mascara, which was a relief.

Our Preference: Come in Bare-Faced

Ideally, we prefer our clients to come in without any makeup. This makes the preparation process smoother and ensures the best possible results for your lash lift. However, we understand that life happens, and sometimes you might not have time to remove your makeup before your appointment.

No Extra Charge for Makeup Removal

Our client was also concerned about whether there would be an extra charge for makeup removal. Let me clear this up: there is absolutely no extra charge for removing makeup at our salon. We want you to have the best experience without any added stress or costs. Just come in as you are, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Final Tips

If you’re preparing for a lash lift appointment, try to avoid wearing waterproof mascara. Regular mascara is fine, and if you come in wearing it, we’ll happily remove it for you at no extra charge. Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Schedule a Virtual Consultation

To ensure you’re fully prepared for your appointment and to address any additional questions you may have, we invite you to schedule a virtual consultation with us. Our team is ready to provide personalized advice and make sure you have the best possible experience. Schedule your consultation today and get all your questions answered.

virtual consultation
virtual consultation

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