Should You Get Eyelash Extensions? | by Winks Boutique

Should you get eyelash extensions? We know this is a question you’ve probably had for a while. You’ve probably seen someone with fantastic lashes that are full and fluffy, perfectly accentuating their eyes and you want to know if you should take the plunge. Often times we can be overly critical when looking in the mirror, analyzing our skin, lips, brows and of course eyelashes.  We often hear, I think my lashes are too short, too thin, too blond or to .

We’re here to tell you that you natural lashes are probably great, but why not have some fun and enjoy longer, perfectly curled and styled lashes?

Should you get eyelash extensions before and after pic
Eyelash Extensions Before and after

Yes! You should get eyelash extensions.  Now, we understand this is a huge blanket statement, so I’d like to add one caveat…If you have healthy lashes, eyelash extensions can be undeniably fabulous!

Long thick natural lashes – You can go all out.  Finding eyelash extensions that are right for you is at its easiest

Thin natural lashes – Eyelashes come in several thicknesses .03mm to .25mm, so finding one that is not too thick or heavy for you is not an issue.  Even the thinnest lashes can experience a pick me up with extensions

Short Lashes – Even the shortest of lashes can have extensions applied. Similar to the variety of thicknesses, Lashes also come in several lengths from 5mm to 20mm.  Eyelash extensions best practices involve using extensions that are around 3mm longer than the length of your natural lashes, so you might not be able to get super long extensions touching your brows 😉 you’ll get a little boost in length, and who doesn’t want that?

So thin and short lashes doesn’t have to be a dererrant…we’ll move on to highlighting some benefits:

Feel like you still need some more info before deciding if you should get eyelash extensions?

  • Wake up looking amazing
  • Wear less makeup
  • Look more awake
  • No need for mascara

There is some maintenance involved to keep lashes looking lovely, but it our opinion its sooo worth it. Carerully Care for your lashes and enjoy their fabulous qualities.

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