Introducing Lash Life Memberships at Winks Eyelash Boutique: Simplify Your Lash Care

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We at Wink’s Eyelash Boutique are redefining the care and maintenance of eyelash extensions with our innovative Lash Life Memberships. Designed specifically with your needs in mind, these memberships streamline your lash maintenance routine, making it as effortless as putting on your favorite outfit.


The beauty of eyelash extensions lies in their ability to enhance your appearance without the daily need for makeup. However, maintaining this beauty can often come with its own set of challenges, from the financial investment to scheduling regular appointments. That’s where our Lash Life Memberships step in, offering a structured yet flexible approach to keeping your lashes looking their best at all times.


  • Flexi Block Memberships: Choose from Classic, Hybrid, or Volume lash styles and receive a monthly allotment of time blocks (four 15-minute sessions) that you can combine in any way that fits your schedule. This means you have the flexibility to book either two 30-minute touch-ups, four 15-minute touch-ups, or one 30-minute and two 15-minute touch-ups within a month, depending on your lash needs.
  • Benefits: This structure allows you to maintain your lash look with adaptable scheduling. It’s perfect for those who want the freedom to adjust their lash maintenance frequency and session lengths without being locked into a rigid appointment schedule.
  • Ultimate Lash Lover Membership: This membership is for those who demand the highest level of care and flexibility for their lashes. Offering unlimited lash touch-ups across any lash style, this membership ensures your lashes are always in impeccable condition.
  • Benefits: Ideal for the lash enthusiast who values their appearance and seeks to maintain flawless lashes without concern for additional costs per session. It epitomizes hassle-free beauty, ensuring your lashes are always ready for any occasion.


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Adapt your lash care to fit your life, not the other way around. Our memberships allow you to choose how and when you use your lash care time.

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With a flat monthly fee, you can better manage your beauty budget without compromising on the quality and frequency of your lash care.

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Quality Care

Regular, consistent touch-ups ensure that your lashes look great, enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence.


Joining Lash Life Membership at Winks Eyelash Boutique is more than great lash care; it means you’re part of a group that loves beauty, ease, and high quality. It’s about making sure your lashes always show off your unique style.

Discover a new, simple way to look after your lashes at Winks and turn your lash care into something you’re excited about, not a hassle.

Ready for effortless, beautiful lashes? Click to join our Lash Life Membership now!

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